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Thank you for stopping by! This is Goth Lady– a goth fashion group. We want you to express your deep dark inner self. We’re hoping Goth Lady helps you achieve that.
Above all, we believe in providing great value to every single one of you with our exceptional products, resources, and customer service. #GOTHLADY

What is Goth Lady?

How did Goth Lady Come About?

Goth Lady is a name we decided on as bloggers to fall under. We used to be a small group of bloggers in Glasgow until we decided we’d rather represent and speak to a larger demographic of women who understand what it is like to fall in love with BLACK.

Our group consists of fashion distributors, designers and bloggers. You may even see some of our designs on other websites 🙂 as we also distribute. We forward our designs to our factory in China then we get them shipped to our desired locations.



We’re offering free shipping and delivery to all orders. No minimumn price required. Just grab your favorites and we’ll ship them for you 🙂

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Thanks to our Free Shipping Policy our average product prices is very low, but thats not where it stops!

We manufacture our own products in our own factory! 

What does this mean for you? This means you get even lower prices for the products on their own, because we provide factory prices. Giving you more for the cost of less.

That’s Free Shipping + Factory Prices = Best Prices



Our website is under the SSL Secure Certificate and most importantly ALL PAYMENT PROCESSING IS DONE BY PAYPAL. Tiff Madison does not store any credit card, bank information or any other sensitive buyer information. Be rest asured with peace of mind knowing your details are safe and single handedly processed by PayPal the safest payment processor on the internet.

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color…”

“There is much beauty in darkness”

“Black goes with any color…especially with black”

A Goth Lady

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